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2nd gen shrock/calmini bumper combo

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hey im offering this up so i can finally hopefully get rid of this thing.

im selling the bumper for
450$ shipped.
no i will not separate. if i do i wont be able to sell the other.

im trying to get 300 for the bumper and shipping will be 150.
ive had a lot of interest in the past. so please someone get this thing out of my garage!

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Man that is a sick deal. This would look so f^*%ing sick on my truck. I wish I had the money man. If I did I would take it in a heartbeat. So its the calmini bumper with the shrock skid right?
correct. the bottom part of where the skinny skid plate of the calmini doesnt do its job, so i chopped it in half, and added the skid. you can see how it looks in the first pic mounted.

thanks for the bump:)
once more to the top.
guys i can not really go any lower on the price. if you wanna pick it up locally then its only 300 bucks. but i cant lower the price. as far as price goes anyway i think its a very fair price considering how much both parts are combined then shipping.
im asking 20 bucks more than a brand new calmini bumper. that includes shipping, and you get a 150 dollar shrock skid that you dont have to wait for 3 months for.

please do not offer me 350 shipped. because i will laugh at you, and i will raise the price.
.. same price if shipped to Hawaii?
idk if it does cost the same to ship there then yes. but if it costs more then no.
possible sale. will know by friday.
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