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2nd gen Leaf Springs

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Hey everyone...looking for a set of leafs to replace my shot original set(118k miles). Low mile OEM or aftermarket would be great.

If you have a set laying around, let me know. Thanks.

Ps, I'm in the Los Angeles area.
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when you say "shot" do you mean your are sagging or broken?
just out of curiosity do you hall alot of stuff at heavy weights or just light stuff

I wanna know what to expect in my truck...
My leafs are sagging/flat plus they have a creeking noise. I'm thinking the bushings are making the noise.

The only "heavy" loads are your typical Costco runs, ATV plus gear maybe once a month and camping gear/supplies once every 3-4 months.
Stopped by whistler's house today, picked up an OEM set that are practically new! He is a stand up guy.

Thanks again! See you later.
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