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2nd gen Bed question

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I have a 09 Crew Cab Short bed Frontier, and need to replace the bed, can anyone confirm that any 05-09 Short bed from a Crew Cab will fit?

Thank you
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I moved your thread out of 2nd Gen Frontier Builds forum.
I believe they are all the same. Where are you located? I saw a short bed complete with tailgate on Craigslist in Portland For $750.
It would be helpful if everyone put their location in their profile so when someone like above goes out of their way to help, they will know if it's worth the effort.

I'm in Chicago... $750 sounds amazing, wish it was closer.

I called the dealer today, and the only thing he was able to tell me is that the part numbers are not the same for 09 compared to older.

I wonder what changed.
do i dare ask what the dealer wants for a new bed?....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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