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2nd gen bead locks?

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Just lookin around but cant find any, does any one know about 2nd gen bead locks, i saw someone converted factory wheels into them. Is there a write up or anything? Id like to get them for my truck.. thanks:hi:
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Oh Here We Go, 2 Of Us Go Omf To Try To Be Original.....:)
Just Send Em Off To Omf. The Fitment And Quality Of A Factory Wheel With The Look You Want. No Spacers Needed. If You Dont Use Rock Domes/starz, And Paint Instead Of Powder Coat Youll Get Out About The Same As A Cheap Azz Aftermarket Wheel And Be Unique
What No Beefcake Body For Calender Shoots?
What No Cougars With Money Looking For A Young Firefighter?
What No Consultation Fees For Business Fireprotection?
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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