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2nd gen bead locks?

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Just lookin around but cant find any, does any one know about 2nd gen bead locks, i saw someone converted factory wheels into them. Is there a write up or anything? Id like to get them for my truck.. thanks:hi:
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I jsut got some BTRs drilled out.. but I don't have any pics. And there are a couple people running Walker Evans. You can Convert any wheel to bead locks at OMF or Champion.
oh yeah I forgot about centerline I did look in the those but man they are ugly.

method wheels will all are blanks and will drill them out and they have a new cast wheels that put them down in the BTR/Walker Evans price range..
I think the BTR's go for like $200 and change apiece which really isn't bad at all for good quality rims.
I wish.. With the cost to drill, and tax and shipping mine are $410 out the door.
Whoops. I was going off memory of what the price was on the catalog sheet. Clearly that memory isn't too good. Still, $410 isn't bad for everything. It is a custom wheel after all.
yeah it's like $240 for the wheels.. but then they get you with $80 rings.. I haven't seen the brake down I just ordered one to test fit. and that was what the charge was i still need to order 5 more.
Im 21 and a firefighter so i dont make that much money and cant spend alot
not getting overtime?
lol good ideas.. no we are not getting hardly any overtime due to budget. :whip:
I had a roommate that was a firemedic that averaged 2 days a week over time. because of budget cut put them on a hiring freeze.
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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