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2nd gen bead locks?

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Just lookin around but cant find any, does any one know about 2nd gen bead locks, i saw someone converted factory wheels into them. Is there a write up or anything? Id like to get them for my truck.. thanks:hi:
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sorry guys i dont need real bead locks, i guess they call them street locks? i remember when i worked at a tire shop that were super nice, black, and like 130 each wheel, it was an entire wheel. they just didnt have our lug pattern. Is there any links to said options?
maybe another stupid question but can i just order the omf 16'' rings and drill it into my rim, (im thinking this might not be safe), but it would be only 2 holes on each spoke. factory se 5 spoke wheels.
Do it right. Send your rims to OMF and have them machined and built correctly.
the only problem is this is my daily driver, im just going for the look, no real purpose since i live in orlando and there are no trails, maybe its a bad idea, i dont know. i was just thinking of buying the rings and having them drilled in, i dont want to weld on my rim. Just trying to do it cheap and look good
I talked to bones over at omf, and were gonna try and come up with a "bolt on" application for the factory 5 spoke. Like i said i dont want other wheels and im just trying to come up with something budget friendly and looks good.. This whole thing might be full of fail but we will see, i will let you guys know what happens.. Im thinking drilling one hole in each spoke to mount to the rim, then have all the other bolts flush in the back. Like i said this does not have to be functual just good looking. and cheap!.. Im 21 and a firefighter so i dont make that much money and cant spend alot
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lol good ideas.. no we are not getting hardly any overtime due to budget. :whip:
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