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2nd gen. 6spd. swap discussion thread

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I'm starting this thread as a discussion about the details of swapping a 6spd into an automatic equipped 2nd gen. If you are just stating your opinion on which is better, please do not post in this thread. I want to keep it on topic and get as much knowledge compiled together as possible.

First off, I know the actual transmission needs to be purchased. Then there are the obvious things like clutch pedal, brake pedal, center console trim, clutch reservoir, etc. Other than the obvious, I'm trying to compile a list of what else would be needed. Does anybody know if the auto driveshaft will work w/ a manual tranny? Also, I dont know if the gauge cluster would need to be swapped. I don't think it would, but since it displays PRND, Im not sure if theres a difference between the two. Also, my main question is about the ECU'S and wiring. What I'm thinking is that this would essentially be "dumbing down" the system and wouldnt be as tough as swapping in an automatic tranny. I guess a new lower harness might be needed, and the ecu would be a big puzzle. In my case, I have a 2wd Nismo. The only 6spd Nismo is 4wd. Possibly the easiest thing would be to get an SE 6spd ecu, and rewire the locker.

I'm not looking at doing a build yet, but this has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. I have too much time/ money into my truck to get something else, and to be honest, would enjoy the challenge of doing this. I would have to wait until my 240 build is done and drivable before I tackled something like this though. I just think a 2wd 6spd. Nismo would be sick.
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I wonder if swapping the ecu would still let me use the cruise control, or if there would be complications there? Luckily, a buddy of mine about 10 min. away has a 6spd. I can look at to compare certain things.
Well the ecu won't visibly be different. It will just be programmed differently. But I can check trans. mounts, lines, etc to see what it would involve. One things for sure, I won't use a stock clutch if I go through with it.
I'm in south Mississippi, so the truck sees mostly 90*+ weather, and occasionally a 30* day during a cold winter!
You can't get a 2wd Nismo in a 6spd at all, and the CC Nismo doesnt come in a 6spd w/ a 4wd or 2wd. The only way to get a 6spd CC is in an SE.
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