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Hi Everyone--

I'm in the process of putting back together my 1998 Frontier single cab 5spd. I bought it "needing timing chains", and I heard rod knock. Got it apart and it had been starved for oil, the timing guide was in the oil pan, and just in rough shape. I've since had the block dipped, honed, dipped, and had new freeze plugs installed. I put new valve seals in, lapped the valves, and swapped one warped valve and checked everything out. All ring gaps, bearing clearances, etc are all in spec and I can't wait to get this thing going. I'm having a little trouble setting the ignition timing, and I found a thread with a very similar issue that I need to follow up on.

This is my second Fronty, I had 1998 extended cab that enjoyed a lot, but I have a tendency to go through cars, and when I found a good deal on another one, I couldn't pass it up, as I need a parts hauler for my other projects, haha.
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