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285/75/16 on American Outlaws?

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Im thinking about some American Outlaw 16x8 with a -6 offset. I would prefer pics with the buckshot and some beefy 285/75/16. Rightnow I have that size tire on my stock pro4x wheels and want to see how far the tire will stick out. The side lugs on my tires stick out past the body work a little bit now, just wondering how much wider it will look.
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Not sure if you saw this thread already:

That is a -10 so yours will stick out a TINY bit less but this might give you an idea until someone else chimes in with an actual tire mounted pic.
I would love to see some pics too, I have been thinking about getting rid of my wheels and going with something with a little more poke.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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