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265/70r17 nittos

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probably over kill but i haven't found it on here, does anyone know if a nitto terra grappler 265/70r17 will fit my le 4x4 stock suspension and rims without any rubbing or modifications? any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance!
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thats basically a 32 10.5 tire it should fit might need to remove the mud flaps and trim a little on the inner fender along with removing part of the front bumper lower lip. all very easy.
cool thanks for the info
i have a 2006 2wd LE CC and i roll on 265/70/17 coopers they are not nittos but they do fit, and as far as i know there are no rubbing issues to be aware of.
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alright! thanks man! i appreciate the input i feel way better about putting them on order now
it will fit, no cutting, not rubbing. i have the exact same tires on my LE. if ur interested, PM me and i'll tell ya how to get a good deal on them
Hey what's up I got an 08 pathy with 265/65/17 wondering if those tires would fit without any rubbing I'm in NY the rockaways and mostly do sand off roading and dunes
i figure that the pathfinder and the frontier have very similar tire clearances so in your case the abovementioned answers should hold true as well...
Good to know now just gotta find place where they are the cheapest in price
So finally got the tires in and they fit just perfectly! Once again guys thank you for your input.
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