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2022 Frontier S king cab mild lift 1.5” Front/1” Rear

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I wanted to do a mild lift on my king cab so this weekend I installed Z1 Offroad 1.5” front spacers and Supreme Suspension 1” blocks in the rear. Overall the install was not that bad using a jack and jack stands in my garage. Im an idiot and forgot to take a decent before pic but the pictures included shows what it looks like after. It sits about .75” lower in the front which is right where I wanted it. It honestly is hard to notice the lift at first glance but I think this is how the truck should sit from the factory. The tires are 265/75R16 Pathfinder AT from Discount Tire, a Hankook Dynapro clone thats made by Hankook for D.T.
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Looks good do you think if you wouldn’t have put the blocks on the rear the truck would have been pretty level or higher in the front.
I think it would be high in the front but only by half inch or so. I wanted to keep a little bit of rake for when Im towing or have my bed loaded.
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Is this a 2 or 4wd? How much did the lift cost total? Hows is the alignment? Looks good!

I had a prerunner Greg? kit on my 04 2wd Titan.
Thanks! It’s 4WD. The lift cost me $70 for the front and $110 for the rear. Alignment isn’t that bad but I did schedule an appointment to get it checked.
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