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Thanks! I read a lot on here and was inspired by a couple of members' trucks with the wheel choice. Being able to keep the flaps was important to me, hence the stock tire size, though the slight offset rubs, but I knew it likely would. My other cars have yellow fogs too, only seemed right that the Frontier got the treatment also, especially to compliment the Morimoto headlights.

I've spent time in Raine's audio post and website as well. I've been into aftermarket car audio since I got my first truck many years ago. I'm excited too like a kid at Christmas, can't wait!
You probably already know this but you might be able to do so trimming and/or melt/reshaping of the fender well to alleviate the rubbing.

I'm gonna have to check out raine's info on the stereo. Thanks for the tip on that... (y)
1 - 2 of 26 Posts