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There’s a new Nissan Titan in town, but the story isn’t quite as simple as that.

In late 2015, the all-new Nissan Titan XD burst onto the scene, claiming to be a heavy half-ton pickup, a truck that could fill the gap between the traditional half-ton pickup and the heavy duty.

Nissan was angling to put its truck into a unique niche in the marketplace; to capture a buyer it had never gone after before. The Titan XD is a three-quarter ton truck based on its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of over 8,500 pounds, which means it truly is uncharted territory for Nissan, which has never sold a heavy duty truck in North America.

What isn’t new ground for the brand is the half-ton market, and even there, Nissan is working hard to expand its offerings. For the first time, the Titan will be offered as a regular cab with an eight-foot bed, squarely targeting the tradesmen market that has been dominated by domestic brands for so long. A new V6, a first for the Titan, is also on its way, though Nissan is still tight-lipped on details of that smaller engine.
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