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With the all-new Titan lineup, Nissan is pushing into unfamiliar territory. Previous Titan half-ton truck buyers were limited to crew cab models with a V8 under the hood, while the new Titan will offer multiple cab configurations, bed sizes and engines.

The brand is hoping the range of choices will help bring new buyers into the fold who never considered a Titan before. There is also the new XD version of the truck that uses larger axles, bigger brakes and a thicker frame to provide more pulling power and, more importantly, to bring more confidence to the table while trailering. While Nissan considers the Titan XD a truck that slots between a half-ton and a three-quarter ton, its technical classification makes it a three-quarter ton truck.

While the XD has been on the market for nearly a full year, the brand’s half-ton truck just launched, but there is already an issue with it. You don’t need to see a new Titan to realize that the truck already has an image problem. The numbers tell the story.
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