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2017 Frontier Transmission Issue

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Aloha All,

My brand new shiny arctic blue Frontier PRO-4X seems to have curious transmission behavior. Nissan assure me this is normal as they could find no fault messages when plugging in their diagnostic computer. So, here goes...

At normal cruise speeds (40+ mph), when I come to a hill, instead of the transmission changing out of overdrive and staying in 4th gear (which would be quite sufficient to do the job), it jumps from overdrive and straight into 3rd. However, if I switch off the overdrive button before it automatically changes down to 3rd, the rpm increases slightly as expected and the transmission happily stays in 4th gear.

On normal driving, when accelerating from a standstill, the transmission appears to be working fine, changing up as expected till overdrive is engaged.

It is just the down-shifting that seems quite harsh, resulting in the transmission hunting between overdrive and 3rd gear.

Because no fault codes come up on Nissan's diagnostics, they say this is normal. I only have 1,060 miles on the truck!

What do you say?

Thanks in advance for helping me understand what "normal" should be.

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Without riding in the truck....

In my truck, 35-40 mph with steady throttle, the RPM's seem a little low. If you come to a slight incline and do not give it any more gas it seems lug the engine. if you do apply more throttle (doesn't seem you should need to) it does downshift. using the OD off button helps this.

it is my thought that Nissan has the shift points calibrated a little strange in that it always wants to upshift too early which causes it to hunt for gears a little. it's actually my one complaint about the truck if it is a complaint at all.
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