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The 2017 base model 4 cylinder Frontier that I drive for work has a flickering, not flashing, airbag light when the vehicle is turned off about 1 out of 5 times. It remains flickering for an unknown period of time or until you start the vehicle and drive it again.

I have searched and read many cases of flashing lights but this is not that, it is a fast low intensity flicker.

There are no OBD codes, and there are no other warning lights or symptoms.

The vehicle does have an OBD port GPS tracking device installed, but the exact same device was installed on a 2014 Frontier previously with no issue.

Has anybody run into this before?

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OBD II code readers don't read air bag codes. Without knowing what the air bag codes are, if any, it's hard to say what the problem may be. You could be looking at a poor connection at one of the air bag components, a shorting circuit or even a bad control unit. This makes it hard to give a time estimate because we don't know if it will be something simple, like simply re-seating a connector, or if a part will need to be ordered for your vehicle.
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