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I know the rattle topic has been covered. Just adding some info for the next person. I have a 2015 SV V6 with a rattle on acceleration. Crawled underneath and the heat shields around the section near the cross tube had some broken and missing band clamps. I went to my local Home Depot and bought quantity 1 3_to_4-inch stainless steel hose clamp and quantity 5 1-3/4_to_3-3/4-inch stainless steel host clamps. Replaced the broken clamps with these hose clamps and any old clamps that were still intact I just put these new hose clamps over them. Rattle gone.

While under looking at the exhaust at the cross tube I also noticed a pretty rusty 2-inch "U" clamp. I ordered a stainless steel 2-inch exhaust clamp from Summit Racing and decided to replace the old clamp this morning. Not as much fun as I hopped. I should have put the truck up on ramps but was lazy. Couldn't budge the nuts so opted to use a hack saw the cut the clamp. Not easy. Once cut I realized the seat for the clamp was welded to the exhaust pipe. Not what I expected. I used a vice grip wrench to break off the parts of the seat I could so I could remove the remnants of the "U" bolt. At this point I'm thinking I'm going to need to go get some professional exhaust work done but this went better than I expected and the new stainless exhaust clamp went on without any trouble. My advice after doing this is to wait until that old clamp fails or you need exhaust work.

Do these trucks not have stainless steel exhausts? I thought SS was a given these days?
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