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You could do what I did to secure my bicycle with my U lock.

I used two large eye bolts, a pair of unistrut nuts on the backside, square unistrut washers on the outside and a nut. You thread regular nut all the way up the eyebolt, then add the square washer and then spin the unistrut nut on. Slip the unistrut nut in to the track and then thread the eyebolt until it bottoms out on the back of the track but make sure the unistrut not is tight to the inside track. Then snug the square washer and the nut against the rail. Put the second one right next to it. With your lock through both eyes, you cannot spin either one out.

These are what sits behind the square washer.

1/2 in. Channel Spring Nuts (5-Pack)-ZA1001/2EG-10 - The Home Depot
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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