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I have a 2015 Pro 4x. I recently got a pretty nice 30qt Pelican Cooler, and I intend for it to not walk off on me when it's in the back of the truck.

My truck has the tracks. But I need something I can run a steel cable through. The cleats that run in the tracks, are too easy removable if someone has time to really look at them and figure out how they work. Any suggestions? I'm not really the type to just blindly drill into a $30k truck

Edit : I don't plan on leaving the cooler unattended in the back of the truck for long. If I have to go indoors for a long time away from home, I'll probably move the cooler into the truck cab while I go grocery shopping, etc. This is preventing quick grabs while in a gas station, burger king, etc.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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