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I haven't found my issue on this forum, and wanted to share both what I learned, and ask if anyone knows a fix for where I'm at now? Hats off to 'jamesfast' for his 11/14/2017 post 'Can't shift past neutral into drive' for providing the links to disassemble the shifter console far enough to identify my problem.

I have a 2015 Frontier Pro-4x. Recently, it became difficult to shift into 3, 2 or low gear. By difficult, it felt like something was binding up during the travel of the shifter - it could be forced, but something wasn't right. My search led me to 'jamesfast' post, which dealt with a fitting at the base of the auto shift lever that had become loose & was locking up his travel into Drive.

When I disassembled my shift console, the fitting he had found was tight. I've posted some pictures below of what I found. Our dealer wasn't familiar with the issue, and offered to sell me a new console (which includes the necessary part) for $150. I passed on that, but following the fix shown below, I'm now unable to shift into "1" gear. I'm guessing this part I removed must activate a sensor that shifts the transmission into "1"? Very interested if anyone has experienced this, or knows a work-around?

Photos show stripped down shift console, the part with its orange tab above where it is installed, then the part as it was originally in place, and a photo showing how the part had wedged itself below & next to the shifter, which jammed its movement into lower gears. I finally cut it loose from the top plastic strip that moves along with the shifter, which freed the shifter to travel through all gears. However, while the shifter does slide to the left from "2" to "1" gear, the dash does not register that it's in "1" now, ...

Console showing location of part (it's underneath)

Part that I removed - its location was around the shifter, underneath the plastic strip that travels with the shifter

With the shift console lifted, the part is shown as it was prior to removal, fastened so that it traveled with the shifter

Shows how the part had wedged itself under the mechanism, binding the shifter in lower gears. I attempted to raise it back above, but it may have been too mangled to remain in place, it wedged itself down again. I cut it loose, restoring travel to the shifter. Smooth shifting restored, but moving from "2" to "1" doesn't show on the instrument panel now.
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