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2014 Pro4x wheels

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I've seen several people asking about buying the newer pro4x wheels. I've got a 2014 pro4x and I have been thinking about selling the wheels to get some with a little less back spacing and just a simpler design; easier to keep clean.

On my last outing I scratch one of the wheels up a bit though.

So let me know if $500 + shipping for them sounds reasonable or not considering the scratched wheel. I don't figure anyone will want the tires but if so we can discuss that.

The scratched wheel is the last pic.

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Open to reasonable offers.
I've got 20k miles on these tires. From what I've read they are rated for 50k miles. I'll get a pic of the tread depth later but that will hopefully help.
I can do $300 for the wheels or $500 for wheels and tires. If no takes in a week or 2 I will just wheel them as is.
I'm in Dallas, TX.
Might be interested depending on shipping cost. Could I get a quote for wheels only to 90815?
The wheels are still on my truck. I had planned to have the pulled already but some medical bills came up I wasn't expected. I should get the new tires on the 11th so I should have them removed then. I can check shipping on them at that point and get back to you.

Yeah, I had some bills come up, namely Uncle Sam. So I was not able to get the wheels purchased. At this point I don't know when or even if I will be able to buy the new wheels.
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