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2014 pro 4x lift kit

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So im probably gonna sound stupid, but after ordering my leveling kit and looking at the strut mounts, it looks damn near impossible to get a wrench up in there to undo everything. anyone got any advice?
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Make sure you have a good breaker bar, the lower bolt on the shocks is a bear to get loose. My truck is only 4 years old and I actually broke my breaker bar doing this exact job.

BTW, if you are like me you will look at it and wonder if you can get away with out pulling the shock completely off. Well you cant, the upper block requires you to turn the shock 180 degrees to re mount to the top.
Agreed on the torque specs, very important. The kit I got from Rough Country had the torque specs in the instructions and they matched up with the specs from Nissan.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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