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It does exist! Pro4x King Cab 4x4 and most importantly...6 spd!! Found this gem a few weeks ago the day after I sold my Tacoma. A real unicorn if I'm not mistaken. I was told the previous owner special ordered it. My first truck was an 03 Tacoma 5 spd 4x4. A real beer can on wheels; just how I like it. I bought a 2011 Tacoma 3 years ago as a sort of compromise. Still a 5 spd 4x4 but ultimately never had the fun factor of the true mini truck. Additionally, the seats on the newer Tacomas, for whatever reason, are a worse than riding in a go cart.

I had effectively kissed my mini truck days goodbye until I came across this Frontier. I almost bought a few Tundras and Silverados but couldn't get excited about driving those beached whales. It was rare enough to come across a king cab SV with the manual, but I couldn't justify spending that much money on a truck that didn't have adjustable seats after being so uncomfortable in the Tacoma. I'd say it was more dumb luck than patience, but either way I don't care. Mini trucks for life!


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