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Hey everyone,
I bought this truck only a few days ago but after getting my kids with car seats and a 6' tall wife in the truck, I think it is just too tight for us all to be comfortable for long rides. This is a fun truck to drive, very quick and responsive handling and rides very smooth. the kids LOVE it, wife..not so much. I looked high and low for this combination on the used market for months and it was very hard to find.
I bought it from a Chevy Dealer in South Carolina. they put new tires on it all around, changed oil and said they replaced or rebuilt the differential. Truck runs flawlessly and no dash lights on. There is a faint smell of cigarette smoke but no other evidence of it having been a smoker's car (burns, ash, etc.). Thats what i get for buying a vehicle sight-unseen. I have replaced the in-cabin air filter and already a huge improvement, i will shampoo the carpets and all upholstery so i can sell it locally without hesitation. not going to do ozone, i dont think its that bad.
Body is in decent shape, previous owner apparently bumped into a few things and didnt report to carfax, but any scratches are very superficial and were touched up before I bought it. I was going to remove the front bumper and put a welded off-road one on but..well..not at this point..
I am in Cary North Carolina and will put it up for sale locally as well. Paid cash for it only days ago, so title is in process of being acquired.
Hard to know what price to put on it because of rare combo but Tacos are going for muuuuuch more money so i thought it was a deal at 16,800 (what i payed for it only days ago.). Really want to minimize my losses so firm on price for now. I'm even adding value to it! my loss is your gain.
i will be adding pictures. Spam filter prohibited me from adding to this thread since it's my first post.
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