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2011 SV 4x4 6-speed 4 door

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2011 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4, 6-speed manual

I am considering selling my truck because we are now making several long interstate trips a week and my truck is averaging about 19-20 mpg's combined. I still owe some on it so I'm am hoping to get something fun but more fuel efficient then probably another Frontier down the road. This isn't an urgent sale but its one that seems to make financial since for our family.

62,000 miles.
Very well maintained.
Factory fog lights.
Bed rail system.
Factory spray bed liner.
Bed extender.
Tow package.
Axle vent mod.
Also have seat heaters that I haven't installed yet.
Door dings in rear drivers side door from a ford explorer in a parking lot.
Other dings typical for year and mileage but a really nice looking truck.
2 sets of wheels and tires, 18" wheels and tires pictured and wintermaster tires mounted on factory 16"
After market stereo with bluetooth and under seat sub woofer, factory stereo in a box.


Located in Fairmont WV, 26554

Some pics (bike not included ;))

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If it was only a long bed! Glw sale

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Thanks, I drove a long bed but it took up to much of my garage so I went with a short bed and a bed extender.
Nice Truck, that price is spot on with the NADA guide. Good luck with your sale.
Yeah I went with good condition book value. On other sites I'm charging a little more for the extras but I didn't charge for the extra wheels and tires on here.
You might want to tell people where you are as I expect that you are looking for a local sale.
Edited, thank you
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