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2011 Frontier S - KC - Vancouver, BC

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Well, I used to always say to my friends "I'll never own a truck unless it's for work"...

It's for work, but along with my DR650 - it is my mode of transport. Being a fossil fuel enthusiast, anything I own normally gets modified, so let the journey begin.

2011 Frontier SE KC - 4cyl 5spd 2wd. Shipped from Ontario (family member owned it) to Vancouver, where I recently moved from Calgary. Luckily, the truck is a bit bigger than a fleet tacoma / ranger etc, so why not have some fun with it.

Before the truck arrived I purchased a rough country 2.5f/1.5r lift and wanted to grab some fresh rubber for it. Seeing as it's only a 2wd and a 4 banger, something slightly bigger than stock but still relatively small seemed logical. I opted for some 265/75/16 Hercules Terra Trac AT2. Price was right, and so far they've performed great on wet roads and some minor gravel treks down Forestry Service Roads.

Prior to the lift, I was a little concerned with the sizing, but they ended up fitting like a charm. The power is weak as per usual, but haven't noticed any additional loss due to increased wheel weight, the lift, etc. Anyhow - not sure what I'd like to do next, power is out of the question because, well, it's hopeless. So keeping it light and perhaps mounting some auxiliary lights and a bed cover of some sort seem logical!

Cheers and thank you for all of the resources thus far!


Still fresh...

This could be better

Hercules Terra Trac AT2 265/75/16 beside stock tires.

2.5" Front, 1.5" Rear (Shackles) Lift with 265/75/16, the lift has resulted in very minor positive front camber - soon to be adjusted with alignment.

Not bad!

Thanks for looking!
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Initially I was a little bit lost as to how they were 16's, as I'd only seen them in 15" trim... I later learned that there were both option, the prior available later in the 2nd generation. I've seen black done but want to avoid "storm troopering" this truck... metal add ons, yeah they can be black, but I was actually debating going bronze with the wheels. I plasti-dip-esque company makes a bronze rubberized finish that I may test out on the wheels, if that isn't to my liking I'll apply a couple layer of smoke tint to them and darken them up a bit... I've had the truck for less than a month so I'll sit tight and see where this goes!
Welcome to the Club from a fellow Lower Mainlander!
Cheers! I'm always up in Squamish cruising on the DR650 - lots of good roads up there from what I've seen... I do wish this was 4WD, but not much I can do I suppose. Think I could do Harrison East - Pemberton in this?

Welcome from an ex North Vancouverite. Now living on an island off of Vancouver Island..
Nice, I work in West Van and am at Royal Roads for a Masters Degree at the moment, I love the island too! Tofino bound in July.
Thanks guys. Looking to get a bit of a bull/light mounting bar for the front. As much as I'd love to get a full blown front bumper, it's just not in the books at the moment. I've been searching for a small "hoop" similar to what is on the top of a pre-runner style bumper to mount two round lights, but haven't seen anything that I can mount to a stock bumper. Any advice in that area?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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