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I recently purchased my Frontier; it has the "Rockford Fosgate" audio package and I've noticed something odd with the AUX input.

On every input other than AUX; 8 of the speakers function and it sounds pretty good. I confirmed this by using the fade/balance adjustments and putting my ear to each one. For some reason when using the AUX input with my phone things get weird... Only the front driver's side tweeter (in dash), and midbass (driver door), and the midbass in the rear driver's side passenger door still function, albeit they sound like **** suddenly and the other 5 speakers are silent.

Since all of the speakers that continue to function are on the driver's side I'm thinking that there's an issue with the right channel signal in my AUX cable (I can confirm this later with a different cable) or given the location of the AUX input in the truck there must be a cable inside the dash that snakes it's way up to the head unit that could be damaged.

FWIW I'm also planning to pop in a CD tonight and see how that works; though I'm expecting it will sound fine.

Anybody else encounter this before?

Edit: I did just find this thread despite searching prior to posting sorry about that:
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