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2011 Frontier King Cab SV LED head Lamp Kit

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Good to all. Looking for a Head Lamp kit to convert OEM lamps tp LED. Do anyone have a Point of Contact or place I can order the kit?
Thanks ::smile::
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ditto ! here is why: lighting is based on optical measures and specifications. the
light source needs to be individually calibrated to the headlight housing. if you change
the light source from, e.g. halogen bulb to LED or HID kit bulb, the focal length is
nearly always out of calibration.

if you remember in your youth, using a magnifying glass to start a fire, how tricky it
was to hold the glass just right in order for the light to converge to the sweet spot
and for the light to focus? that is pretty much what is happening with the headlight.

Much R&D is spent designing and calibrating the headlight design to fit the bulb. if
you change the bulb, all bets are off. you may get strong lighting but the focus will
be scattered and glare invariably ensues.

don't fool yourself into believing that light scatter isn't a concern. it is to opposing
drivers or those in front of you.

the projector retrofit will nearly always be calibrated to the bulb since the majority
are 'take offs' of the OEM design. so use their R&D, use their projector and fit the
projector and bulb into your headlight assembly. yes, there is labor involved and
more costly than a simple LED or HID plug in. but the quality of the output will be
appreciated, even coverage, minimum glare and safe for other drivers on the road.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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