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2010's come with clearbra/plastic near rear tires?

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I have a patch of clear plastic material in front of the rear tire that is trapezoid shaped probably 6" x 4" (I didn't measure!), and another that is actually under the mudflap for the rear tires, but sticks out maybe a 1/2" towards the back and runs down the truck.

I'm wondering if it's supposed to be there or maybe it was something that was missed in dealer-prep?
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Mine has the same stuff, it is paint protection for rocks being kicked up from the front wheels. Also, my mud flaps came with that to put on before mounting the mud flaps.
Me Too, mudflaps are gone so I may remove the one that was under it
wish mine had that, there are a lot of chips right in the area you're describing. i would definitely leave it in place
mine too
Yup, that is like the 3M paint protection film. The only place they forgot to put it, is on the damn painted rear bumpers. 1000 miles after leaving the lot the bumper looks like it's 10 years old.
my 08 has the same thing
3m paint protection film

Just got a bunch of the 3m paint protection film in 2" and 4" wide strips. I'm going to try working with small sections first and do the door sills and possibly the door edges. My main goal though is doing the leading edge of the rear bumper as that is by far the biggest problem area I see right now. Similar to what a previous poster said, it took me one very slow and careful drive down a gravel road to get several chips in the bumper. Can't imagine how bad it is going to look with all the driving on gravel I do. I have my touch up stuff to fix the few chips I already have and then I'll try the film. I figure the narrow strips will be easier to apply without bubbles, even if they don't look as good as one large patch. I have my doubts that the film will offer much protection but it's cheap enough and hopefully better than nothing at all. If nothing works well I might go a more costly route and have Line-X cover the leading edges of the bumper. I think that might actually look kind of cool.
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