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2010 to 2014? up rockford head unit swap,

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since I'm pretty satisfied with the sound (not an audiophile by any means) got a question for all you experts out there, if I could obtain a newer head unit with the navigation etc in it how much trouble would in be to install in an older truck?
Or is it just easier to swap to an after market head unit?
thanks in advance::smile::
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Provided that the new head unit supports steering wheel controls, has bluetooth hands-free, backup camera, and is XM ready, it's fairly easy to get everything working. It's pretty much done using adaptor harnesses to get everything connected:

1. Bluetooth mic: Remove the OEM one (it's trouble trying to splice into it) and install the mic that comes with the head unit in its place.

2. Steering wheel controls: You'll need an ASWC-1 to link the head unit and factory bluetooth (for phone controls); you'll need to bypass the OEM bluetooth module for the phone steering wheel controls to work.

3. XM radio: You'll need a simple XM adaptor to plug the factory XM antenna into your new head unit.

4. OEM backup camera: With a non-RF system, you use an Axxess AX-NIS32SWC adaptor harness to plug into the OEM camera with an aftermarket head unit. If the RF uses a different camera harness, you could most likely splice into it but I haven't done it myself (my truck wasn't RF equipped).

5. OEM radio antenna: Again, with a non-RF system the Metra 40-NI12 adaptor harness connects the OEM antenna to the aftermarket head unit. I don't see why they'd change this for the RF setup, but I haven't actually seen the connections on the RF to be sure.

6. USB audio port: if you have one, you'll need an Axxess AX-NISUSB-2 harness to connect to the aftermarket head unit.

Keep in mind with the RF system you have an external amplifier driving all of the speakers. Because the amplification is separate, you'll have two choices:

A. Use a Scosche CNN03 to connect the aftermarket head unit to the OEM RF amplifier, or
B. Bypass the RF amplifier and splice speaker wire from the aftermarket head unit's outputs to the output side of the RF amplifier
This is great info! What head unit would you recommend that works with steering wheel controls? I have a 2006 Frontier.
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