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2010 to 2014? up rockford head unit swap,

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since I'm pretty satisfied with the sound (not an audiophile by any means) got a question for all you experts out there, if I could obtain a newer head unit with the navigation etc in it how much trouble would in be to install in an older truck?
Or is it just easier to swap to an after market head unit?
thanks in advance::smile::
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I got as far as putting a head unit from a 2014 (no navi) into my 2011. Found wire harness adapters that would convert from the 2011 to 2013+ harnesses. Unit powered up but there was no sound. I have double checked my splices, but no audio. Might be a ground issue, it would only turn on when the metal frame was touching the metal frame of the dash.

Other issue is finding a trim piece for the unit, a regular after market kit isn't wide enough for the OEM head units.
Were you ever able to get your stereo working? Been thinking about upgrading my 11 to newer hardware as well.

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