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2010 Se Cc

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Hi to all,
I just traded in my for explorer and bought 2010 Frontier SE CC, a few weeks ago, I could not be happier. Anyways, I own a motorcycle shop in Orlando, FL and just bought a 7X14 TA enclosed trailer to haul my DynoJet Dyno machine. Trailer weights about 2200 LB + Dyno Machine which is 2400 LB . Can't wait to see how this truck is going to do, however I will be going to local motorcycle event with this truck. Trailer has electric brakes and frontier is wired for it, I just ordered and received a electronic brake controller with nissan connector, ant ideas where I should mount it? . Anyways , I will post pics soon.
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Welcome, the truck will tow just fine.

Connector for trailer brakes is right behind OBD connector.. Ive seen many people mount it on the left side of the underdash.. My friend has a Titan, and the idiots that mounted his brake controller put it where it was blocking the OBD connector on the right side.. Bad move.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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