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2010 Frontier radio upgrade

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To retain the factory look, I plan to upgrade my unit with the 6 disc, mp3 unit.
The 2010 (2009, too?) have a slightly new dash design.

Do I also need a new faceplate to cover audio and climate controls?

Could not find a part no. online for a faceplate... Can anybody help?
I found a part no. for the 6disc radio and the audio jack, though...

Thank you very much.
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The 2009-2010 are quite different in regards to radio and AC controls. I don't have a before pic, but here is a pic inside my 2009 after I installed my aftermarket HU and GPS. The dash kit is from Metra. The fit and finish is pretty good.

Pioneer HU and Garmin GPS
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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