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picked up my truck yesterday,the dealer crewed up the small window install the first time,second time the gap is slightly larger than factory but i can live with that,i get it home and start cleaning the truck,i notice the paint finish on the smaller door has been repainted,which confuses me they were suppose to replace the window not repaint the door,anyways i notice some sort of stain or overspray under the drivers door handle same side as window install.I immediately go to see the manager after a phone call resulted in nothing,he said i told you to come monday,i said look bud why was the door repainted,now there is overspray on the drivers door you can feel the roughness,he said because you complained about the first window install we had to sand the area where the window was installed rite down to the metal to get the window to fit correct,monday morn i will go to the bodyshop and see what can be done about this overspray,i want this overwith,this has been goin on for 2 weeks now
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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