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Thats a great price!

the titan rear axle isnt a direct bolt on to a frontier. there will defitnly be some modification needed. IMO, the biggest benefit to doing this is so you can run your leaf springs outside of the frame rails instead of directly underneath like the frontiers are. Then you can run a much longer shock outside fo the frame rails also. like PRGs Titan. he coverted to spring under axle instead of the stock way of springs over axle.

This will offer alot more travel and bigger springs to be installed. It will also match the width of front titan suspension swap perfectly and give you the stronger m226. Plus you can install a kit like this, not bolt on but possible. Giant Motorsports - Offroad Race Truck Suspension Specialists | Nissan Titan 64" Long Travel Kit | | Travel, Kit, Long, Giant Even the tacomas have their leaf springs and shocks outside the frame rail.

he has a titan now... but there are a few members that have installed the titan axles in different ways then the way i'm mentioning. Rerlarson (spelling?) and TerribleOne

greg has a ford 9" though... and he has the giant spring under kit.... but yes, you can go outside the frame rails with the bypasses you put in if you do that.
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