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2008 CC LwB 2.5'' front spacers

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I'm fired up! This is my 1st lift install, and it went well. It looks 10x better than the way it sat before. It looks like a different vehicle, the front stance looks sweet. They are 2.5'' spacers from All Day Fab in AZ. It sits level, but hard to tell in the dark - maybe .25 to .5 of an inch higher in the front.

total: $60.00 installed <--- That is a big thanks that I owe this forum. I would have probably paid a grand for something just like it. Thanks! Also thanks for Andy Day for taking my call and offering a great product for a good price.

For me, this is going to be the way it stays for another few years. I might add a 1'' rear block, but probably not, since I want a front ARB and it will sag. I want to pay more of it off and I have a 7 month prego wife :) So, I love it! Tomorrow I'll add some better pic's with a camera during the day. Longer term, I'm going with coil overs, but this is great for now. That is my dumb cell :/

rest are all after the lift. like I said, tomorrow will be better pic's.

Here is a pick of a coil with the spacer on it. ADF spacer.

2 Coors lol
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Is powerade your sponser?

Looks good, now go get some new meats for that bish!
Looks good, now go get some new meats for that bish!
With this current setup, I'm going with Revo II's 265 - 75, which are 1'' taller, same width as my stockers. Probably in 5k to 10k longer.
looks good. When does the bumper come in?
looks good. When does the bumper come in?
April 2, so about 10 weeks? That will be my 30th Bday, and I'll go buy it about a 3 to 5 days before so it will arrive in time. I'm going to need help with that.
looks good, amazing what a couple of inches can do, huh?
amazing what a couple of inches can do, huh?
Given the population of the world, yeah, I'd say this statement is on the money.... :laugh:
Is Power Aid your spacer?

HAHAHA jk...

Looks siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickwidit!
Is the spacer itself 2.5" or is a 2.5" lift? I assume its a 2.5" lift, but looks pretty tall, a lot taller than my truck with a 2" PRG spacer.

Any coil bucket contact?
Spacer itself is 1.75''. It is higher than what I though it would be. I think 1.75'' comes out to 2.5 or 3'' of lift - weird spacer math. I have my pre lift measurements at the office, so I'll be check on Tuesday. I was wanting 2.5'', we shall see. You can see the 2 spacers in 1 of the pic's.

No contact so far. Rear is stock, just the front spacer. I'll be posting up better pic's tomorrow, have the day off.
looks and you'll really be happy
Here are side pics. One pic shows it more level, and the other, its a little higher in the front. My rear is still stock. idk, I'm taking it to Nissan today to have them align it, I'm not going to mess with it. Since I already have the caster/camber bolts, hoping they won't charge me the $99 still.
This one looks level.

Not so much here.

Probably going to have to adjust the headlights /sigh.
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^^^Or bring the rear up a little. Get a 1" or 1.5" block from PRG and it will look just right, probably a 1.5". Or do a shackle...
^^^Or bring the rear up a little. Get a 1" or 1.5" block from PRG and it will look just right, probably a 1.5". Or do a shackle...
Agreed. Next mod is going to be in about 3 months, the front ARB. That will sag it down a tad, it hopefully sits almost level. Right around then, I'll be getting 265 75's. Once I see how it sits then, I'll go from there.

Longer term (years - when oem is shot) is coilovers and aal or leaf pack. This is my fiscally minded start.

ohh yeah, and I want to readjust the headlights a tad. Not sure if I'm blinding people, but will be researching on how to do that on the boards tomorrow :) post up a link if your a champ like that!
Yeah. I just did a 2" lift and people are flashing their lights at me pretty regularly. I need to adjust my lights too.
from irongrave...I guess you'll just be doing the opposite...lowering the beem

Headlight mod (05+)
This is also an adjustment I made to help improve visibility. There's an aluminum wheel behind each headlight assembly that can be rotated with a socket or wrench (I believe it was 8mm). It has teeth around the outer edge if you look at it from the top or side, and a bolt head along the face of it that you use to do the turning. I turned it clockwise to raise the aim of the headlights a little bit. I did this at night with the lights aimed at a wall, and used some tape to mark where the lights hit the wall so I could adjust them the same amount.

1 1/2 to 2 turns seems to be just right to get better visiblity with the stock head lights (also good for after markert lights)
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