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2007 Nissan Frontier won't start

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So i have a 2007 Frontier V6 6SPD 4x4 SE, and today i got a flat tire. After changing the tire i went to start my truck and it would only turn over as if it were getting no fuel. I had it towed to the dealership and am having them look at it tomorrow(only reason i went to the dealership is because it still has a factory warranty) the only performance mods to the truck are a volant cai, and a superchip cortex set on mileage save mode.Well to say the least it has been a extreme stressful day and i could really use some technical help from someone more knowledgeable in this situation. Any ideas what could be wrong with my truck?

Also i was wondering do these trucks have a fuel pump relay button anywhere? Or am i looking at a costly repair? Im kinda nervous aboutthe ECM because of the chip. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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i am assuming you never ate paint chips as a kid but.... did you check under were you put you jack??? i know this is a no brainer but my boss thinks he knows every thing about cars and he had to change a tire on his brand new m45 on the mass pike and when he jacked the car up he did not put the jack on the frame all the way and on the way down the jack slipped off the frame and landed on the left side of the exhaust and completely pinched off the left side of his exhaust.... car does not start any more had it towed to the dealer.
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