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So after several years and lots of debating with myself, I finally decided to do a build thread. So I apologize now, that this build may make lots of drastic jumps with time in between. The truck is finally coming together as I had originally planned after several different routes.

Bought her used in September of 2013 with 62,000 miles. A king cab nismo. Had a 2" spacer lift up front and a 1" rear shackle. Fenders were trimmed already. Had a nice little custom subwoofer enclosure in the back. Was sitting on 17" Pro Comp 7089's (Which I hate) and a set of 315x70x17s. My first modifications (NOT PICTURED) were a set of fog lights for the front bumper and a rear hitch.

Part of the negotiation on the price was because it needed new tires. At the time, and still, I'm pretty much always on a budget. A brand new set of any branded 35's was basically out of the question. Having been in the offroad community for a while, (owned 2 jeeps) I was fairly familiar with retread brand tires. At the time, they didn't make a 35's so i wen't with the next best thing... 285's Guard Dog MT's. These thing were sweet!!!

Shortly after, I found a local Xterra guy selling a bull bar which, of course I wanted, because more lights! Well, I ended up hating it so I ditched the bull bar shortly after.

Unfortunately, the front end ended up eating the front tires in no-time (even with rotations) I also had a terrible squeak in the front (which I still have 4 years later) I was told it was the struts. So i replaced them with the Rancho quicklift adjustable struts that had a 2" lift built in. I also replaced the tires with a more mild set of tires due to the fact that I drove almost 70 miles a day for work. The shop installed the lift spacer on top of the new struts creating a 4" lift up front. I never offroad the truck, so I've never had issues.

A little fun in the snow after taking the day off.

As time went by, several other little things were bought, none of which I had pictures for. Such as a kenwood double din dvd stereo, weathertec rain guards, weathertec bug deflector, a Superchips Cortex programmer, a front receiver hitch, factory running boards (which I hate now), Flowmaster 40 series muffler... and other odd and end parts.

(Told you there would be lots of gaps) ::smile::::smile::

Anyhoo, the front tires got eaten up AGAIN! I hated the dinky little tires with all that fender space. So I did what any man would do and bought 35's. Still on a budget, I bought 35x12.5x17 Kenda Klever MT's. Super awesome, by the way.

Got a hold of a TAG bumper for a wicked deal after they had gone out of business. (Dont mind the bad paint job that I did) Also used a plasma cutter and mounted for flush mounted reverse lights.

Again, after some time, and lots of missing pictures... I had a custom tire carrier made with measurements designed to work with the frontier, which it doesn't, because thats my luck. However, I made it work. I also got the bed cap to begin my "Expedition/overland" build. Which I am super happy with so far.

Almost forgot! Also pictured above, is a set of tail light guards that I bought off of here. Amazon roof rack rails (because im too scared to drill) and a Wally-world special roof rack.
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