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2007 Locking Diff question

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Hello from southern Louisiana! OK, so we have a 2007 2wd frontier with the nismo pkg on it. It has a dash button to lock the rear diff. When we pushed the button, a light within the button would light up momentarily but go away within a few seconds. Jacked up truck, removed spare, and noticed that coming from the trucks electrical system there were 2 open connections to the rear end. When i tried to connect them it seemed like the axel housing had the wrong connectors. Off to the shop...... Mechanic told me that 1 connection is a speed sensor (all good and now plugged in correctly) and that the other is the electric connection that actually energizes the locking mechanism. The problem is this, evidentally inside the chunk there is a magnetic system that has a wire coming from it that goes to a port in the housing of the chunk. At that point, this connection plugs into an adapter plug that is inserted into the housing from the outside. This is my problem, I NEED THIS PLUG. Mine is broken and this is why i cant plug my connector coming from trucks electrical system into this adapter. Nissan has it pinpointed on a schematic as item # 10 but they say they cant get it. Any information on this issue/problem would greatly be appreciated!!!
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Congrats for joining the forum, people seem to do this when they have a problem? What do you mean when you're saying "chunk"? I'm a visual person can you provide a picture of the plug you are talking about or where it should be? Or this #10 on a parts diagram, pics?
Is this the part you're looking for that you said they can't get?

38471-8S160 - Nissan Parts Deal
That's it, get it and fix that E-locker :)

Your holding the female connector in the 2nd pic. It's the male part that attaches to the rear end that is the solenoid that engages the locker that is destroyed. If you get that part I gave the link to you will be golden.
I just talked to my new mechanic and you might be able to remove it without doing that. But to put it back in he thinks you might even have to pull the axles out a bit and pull the ring carrier to properly install the solenoid and shim it also. So yes he will have to drain the diff and remove the rear cover.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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