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Just looking for some advice from you guys experience.
Just helped my stepson buy a clean 2007 Frontier, 4x4, ext. cab, 4.0 with 142K miles for $9,500. Seemed like a good deal and then the problems started.
1st Week - I knew there was a vibration in the tires. Went to Discount Tire and they showed me that the entire set of tires were from 2001. I didn't expect them to be older than the truck. One was coming apart from the inside. $800 later, problem solved.
2nd Week - Check Engine light. Replaced 1 coil pack and all spark plugs. $120, problem solved. Runs much smoother.
3rd Week - Check Engine light. Needs new cats. The top two broke up and clogged the two downstream. $2,100 later, problem solved.
The very next day....super loud squeaking. Narrowed it down to the front u-joint on the rear driveshaft. Replaced both of them for $30.
So in the past month I've spent over $3,000 on this truck that I thought was a good deal. Not to mention I gave him $2,000 to put down on it.

What else should we keep an eye out for? Hoping this fixes all of the common issues at this mileage.

Thanks for any input.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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