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Hey All,

Im upgrading my head unit, and im a little confused, hoping someone here can help me out,

Im installing a CarJoying Android head unit... which comes with an appropriate Nissan wiring harness.... the problem is.. the 6 disc changer unit i am taking out (which works fine and will be for sale if anyone wants it) had 4 spots for wiring harness connectors, and the supplied harness only has 3 connection points.

I've managed to establish that one of the connection ports maybe for the changer, at least according to this diagram, in which case thats not an issue any more since i wont have a CD player on this head unit

However im at a loss for the 4th connection.

Here is the harness i am using to install

Im not sure what the one on the bottom is for. It doesnt match any of the connectors on the truck... and according to the instructions,

this is the one im working with:


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