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This is the second time I have owned a 2006 Frontier LE CC. I bought the first one brand new after I returned form Iraq. About 6 months later I got a company vehicle and sold the truck to a friend (who later sold it after we went to Iraq the 2nd time)

I finally got a second run at the truck this Thanksgiving. I bought a used 2006 that was in great condition.

I kept the stereo equipment from the first go 'round and ahve recently installed it in this truck. I used the custom install skills I gained while working my way through college to build a customer center console sub box. I added a Pioneer AVH-3200BT to the mix to replace the Alpine D200 I had the first time through.

The system consists of:

H/U: Pioneer AVH-3200BT (need to get the DD trim ring)
Amp: JL Audio 500.5
Front: Focal K2P 6.5" components
Rear: Stock
Sub: JL Audio 8W3 in custom console
Wiring: Monster (power) and JL Audio (Signal)
Dynamat on doors and floor.

The rest is pretty much stock. I will get some better pics in soon. Let me know what you think.


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