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Just wanted to post some photos of the replacement I did. I was looking for some images that had all the details on a 2WD Hub replacement but all of them showed for the most part the 4WD model.

I was able to find a nice guide that has a lot of repair data on it with blow up drawings.

For the most part it took me about 3 hours to do both sides

The PDF has the diagrams and photos of the replacement.

The parts cost me only $140. on line! So a saved a bunch not having it done at a shop!

To install this part on a 2006 Nissan Frontier you will need a 17mm socket, a 19 mm socket, a 21 mm socket (for lug nuts so this could be a tire iron or whatever), a large ratchet, a torque wrench that can go up to 100 lbs, a 2lb sledge hammer, a large rubber mallet, large flat head screwdriver for prying, and of course a jack and jack stands. No bearing puller is needed for the front wheel bearings of this vehicle as the bearing does not go over a spindle.

Good Luck!


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