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I just joined the club yesterday b/c Friday I was on my way to Steelville, MO for a short vacation and had to turn around due to a vibration that just didn't feel right when shifting between 4th and O/D. Took it to my local Nissan dealership which after an hour they said that I will need a new radiator and transmission due to antifreeze/oil cross contamination....all to the tune of $5000. OUCH!! So I started doing some online research and found y'all. Will be posting some stuff in a related thread once this intro is done :)

Anyways, I have owned many Nissan/Datsun vehicles over the years and am really bummed that this has happened to one of their products with only 85,000 miles on it. I love the truck, but am short of money at the moment so I hope to bandaid fix to get further down the road where I can afford another xmission.
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