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2005 Nismo KC 4wd

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ok so i have finally decided to sell the Frontier, new plans dont let me keep it. although i think ill eventually scoop up another after this expensive time in my life ha.

heres the build thread

170k miles
titan swap up front/diff-radflos coilovers, which are actually better than i thought now that ive had them offroad a few times.
trutrac rear
rear set delete behind driver, storage box.
still has rear seat behind passenger-3 seater
tool box mounted in the bed

truck isnt perfect by any means, has trac and slip disable because of the abs actuator. never fixed this because it just makes it fun for me to drive. abs still works
dings, scratches and some rust. most of it can be mended with fixing and fender flares, will fit the wheel/tires better

truck runs and drives great, good tires, brakes, suspension feels planted.
this is a good start to a fun truck, i would like to keep but i cannot.

asking 7k obo
located out of Moro IL, will travel if need be.
thanks guys.

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Is it all covered in Ford grease? Smells like lavender inside? Cuz that's a deal breaker.
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