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2005 Nismo KC 4wd

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ok so i have finally decided to sell the Frontier, new plans dont let me keep it. although i think ill eventually scoop up another after this expensive time in my life ha.

heres the build thread

170k miles
titan swap up front/diff-radflos coilovers, which are actually better than i thought now that ive had them offroad a few times.
trutrac rear
rear set delete behind driver, storage box.
still has rear seat behind passenger-3 seater
tool box mounted in the bed

truck isnt perfect by any means, has trac and slip disable because of the abs actuator. never fixed this because it just makes it fun for me to drive. abs still works
dings, scratches and some rust. most of it can be mended with fixing and fender flares, will fit the wheel/tires better

truck runs and drives great, good tires, brakes, suspension feels planted.
this is a good start to a fun truck, i would like to keep but i cannot.

asking 7k obo
located out of Moro IL, will travel if need be.
thanks guys.

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Is it all covered in Ford grease? Smells like lavender inside? Cuz that's a deal breaker.
hah no ford grease. does smell like lavender and some farts.
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side note if anyone is localish and wants all the suspension and rear end, tires swap ect. i would 100% be down for a weekend swap.
bring your truck to my house or yours if you have better setup than me and we spend the weekend swapping everything over.

makes selling a stock truck a little easier and gets me some money to offset the loosing cost of the parts i wont get back selling it outright.
Picked up some fender flares, going to do some rust and dent maintenance and toss those on this month as well as do some freshen up painting on the underside of it.
timing chain scheduled for march. so the truck will be tip top for the most part for long distance traveling.

willing to work with whoever if they are interested. this is a good platform for a daily/offroader for sure. or a dedicated offroader.
6500 obo but would rather sell it sooner than later at this point.
pulled some money out of savings. desperately trying to keep this thing lol.
clean clear title in hand.

once the weather finally breaks im going to get on the list that needs addressed.
truck is cheaper as is and will slowly become more firm as i finish.

fender flares
undercoating protection
timing chain
ac/heat setting on number 2 doesnt work

i think thats about it for now?
if anyone is interested at all or interested in the titan swap or rear trutrac. holler, i would be in for some money moving and us swap parts over a weekend.

as it sits right now i would be down to sell the truck for 5500. running and driving great just needs some love.
as i finish i will likely stick more firm to 6500.
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I would absolutely be interested in the titan swap but I'm not near you and I'm not ballin. Is this your daily or is that the raptor? Maybe something shipping wise can be worked out? In any case good luck with the sale.

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the f150 is my current daily.

see thats where im looking at it as a monster of a project. if someone was in person the whole swap could be done over the weekend and thats that. but dealing with tearing it all apart, shipping it out. waiting for someone to tear their stuff all apart and shipping it back. idk how badly i want to mess with it.

i do have some free time this weekend, im going to be working on it a bit. so ill hopefully grab some updated pictures not covered in dirt.
still have this lol. and i havent touched it.

someone come buy it so i can not have it sitting at my house.
doing the timing chain this weekend so its back and driving great, price is going to start inching up a little bit.
chain dunzo and its amazing
all in all wasn't too bad just time consuming.

i pulled the radiator and let the tires out of air and it made the work so much easier.

i didn't use either of the special tools you don't really need them if you have air compressor for the crank pulley. the other tool can be done with rubber pry device or hand held rubber vice and thick paperclip. the picture has the front chain set right as well as the right chain. the left side i set the cams to the FSM, they snapped over on me when i too the secondary chain off.

it was much easier than i initially thought it was going to be, i think next time i will be able to do it in less than a day for sure.
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adding fender flares and cleaning the truck up a lot this weekend. after this the truck will be officially chucked up with a nice for sale thread and my pricing will be way less negotiable.
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