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2005 frontier LE

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hey guys I just registered to the forums and decided to stop by to introduce myself. I just bought my 2005 frontier LE in may and love it. all i dont to it was sirius radio and tinted windows. I went mudding in it a few days ago and was really fun. My brother in his lifted 2500 silverado was impressed. Here is a pic of my truck and my 04 kx250f
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thanks guys, as for the boat, our frontiers has no chance towing that, its my dads he used a chevy w/ a 454 vortec to tow that. it weights in at about 9000 pounds with fuel. I was thinking also, i told my dad to get the titan to tow it but he said its not all about the power. He said the titan is lighter than the duelly, and it needs weight to stop it and then he said brakes too, then i was like yea they dont have the best brakes from what i heard.
thats to make a short story long sorry :?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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