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2005 Frontier LE radiator/transmission cooling question

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Hello, I'm new to the site. I own a 2005 Frontier LE 2WD. I've been reading through the threads and noticed a number of people have bypassed the transmission oil cooling line in their radiators. I'm tempted to do the same to mine, in light of the information I've learned. My only concern is, I live in central Arizona. Our climate is drastic to say the least. The winter lows can dip into the teens and we often reach 110 degrees during the summer. Has anyone else performed the bypass in this type of climate? I'm not sure I'm ready to cut down on any cooling (or warming) of the transmission oil in this type of weather. The truck is my daily driver and I never tow anything. Thanks in advance.
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don't do it bro. my father did that to his pathfinder and tranni when to crap. needs new tanni or 3 G's to fix it.
Thanks for the reply. At this point I think my best option is to replace the radiator. I don't think it's a good idea to go against Nissan's engineering. They obviously have the fluids routed through radiator for a reason.
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