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2005 Frontier 40 series Flowmaster Sound Clip

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I took a little video to give people an idea what the 40 series Flowmaster sounds like. All I had done was have them cut off the stocker and weld in the Flow in it's place. The rest of the exhaust is all stock...
It's got a nice little growl to it...
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Here it is at startup and idle from inside the cab...
I was actually expecting it to be louder. When just cruising at neutral throttle it's barely noticeable without any drone. I think it's just right. People ask me what kind of exhaust it is and say it sounds good. I pretty much got it just for the sound. I didn't really notice any real performance gains. I got it a while back before they came out with the catback sytems. I may have a custom exhaust made later on and keep the muffler. I also plan to upgrade to a K&N intake soon. Then I expect to feel some gains...
steedsta said:
hey, sounds really good, makes me want to go down to the exhaust shop right now. Your video looks like your in tracy, are you from the valley.
Tracy Blv...Good eye...! :wink:
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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