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I'm new to the board and have a slew of questions regarding the Rockford stereo configuration in a 2005 CC. I am contemplating slowly upgrading the stereo since I have a pile of stereo equip that I ripped out of my 1991 ranger when I sold it after purchasing my Frontier.

Here we go:
1) What does the amp under the the passenger seat power? Only the sub?
2) Do the door speakers receive full frequency range or is there a crossover built into the head unit and/or amp?
3) If the door speakers receive full frequency range, how about the tweeters? Or, are there bass filters somewhere in the line? I thought I read that the dash ones might receive full range.

Here is what I'm contemplating installing:

2 sets of A/D/S/ 336is components. They are 6 1/2" and have a mounting depth of 2 3/8". Will they fit in the front and rear doors? The tweeters are about 2" in diameter and about 1" deep. Will they fit in the stock tweeter locations? I know I will have to make plates for the dash location after which I think they should easily fit, but I didn't actually take the stock tweeter out to verify. I'm a little more concerned about the rear.

A/D/S/ PH15.2 6 channel amp (100x2 going to the fronts - possibly biamped (50x4 with the help of A/D/S/ 2Xe crossover)
A/D/S/ PH20.2 4 channel amp (bridgeable to 150x2 for a sub, possibly the A/D/S/ RS10 I have laying around)
I think these will fit under the passenger and driver seats, even with the vent under the driver's side. If not, I could live with only the PH15.2 with 50x2 to the fronts, 50x2 to the rear, and 100x1 to the sub.

I don't currently have a head unit. I am contemplating the Sony CDX-GT930UI and the JVC Arsenal KD-A805. Any comment/suggestions are welcomed. I need it to have hi and lo pass filters since the A/D/S/ amps do not. I also need a USB jack (non-IPOD user) and am more concerned with folder navigation and it's ability to handle large capactiy easily (8GB). I would also like it to have at least 4v outputs. I would like to order from Crutchfield. Will they supply me with the correct wiring harness?

I would like to either build my own box for the A/D/S/ RS10 (needs about .75cu ft, has a mounting depth of 5" and is dual voice coil), but would probably rather buy the MTX thunderform box (and possibly swap out the sub for the A/D/S/ if it is possible to modify the speaker terminals to allow for dual one and assuming there is enough depth). If not possible, I was contemplating sending 1x150 to the MTX and keeping the factory subs (2x75) - would it be worth it? Or, I see that one can get the MTX with an onboard amp. Is it any good?

I don't have the know-how to do most of this work myself, but was thinking I could handle swapping the front components out (without replacing the wires). I'm just afraid of blowing the components especially if the tweets receive full range. I would also consider swapping out the deck in conjunction with the front component swap. Again, I am hesitant to do so without knowing how the wiring is configured. All of this would be done while saving up enough funds to purchase the head unit (and sub) as well as to have everything professionally installed.

Thanks in advance for any insight/help,

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1. amp powers all speakers this may help
iam not positive but i would think the front tweeter would only get hi's

3. i beleve the non RF radios have a inline filter on the tweeters

your ADS tweets should fit nicely in the stock location. the cut out is about 2".

i wouldent even bother with the MTX box
dual 10" sub box
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how big are those amps?
and do a little more research and youll be able to install all this your self and save alot of money.

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Everything is a lot cleaner sounding. Adding T400-4 amp gave a little more boost, should have went with T600-4. Later on I will upgrade to 6 1/2 componets front and back. Stocks are handling system well at this time. Sub hits alot Harder:) Very happy with install. Both only cost me $450 buying on ebay and had it installed for $200
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